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I never had athletes foot in my life of 50 years, but I had some pool parties last year and noticed red, itchy scaling on my toes following. I tried the over the counter (OTC) remedies and it kept it at bay somewhat, but it kept coming back. Then we had a big heat wave, and I work a lot of hours on my feet, and my athletes foot just exploded. I cant tell you the pain I had, there were days my feet were so swollen and sore that I literally couldn't walk. There was a thick layer of white dying skin between and under all of my toes on both feet. It was excruciating, I had to come home from work some days and thought I had a secondary infection and even worried about losing some toes or it spreading like some terrible disease. I read everything I could on the internet, and many people said that they went to a doctor and when they had bad AF they were prescribed pills, but that they often did nothing. I went through many cans of OTC meds but it really did nothing. I tried bleach, as I read it can cure AF, and it also seemed to do nothing. I changed my socks and washed my feet several times a day, just to try and keep the infection controlled. Then I found a cure! After reading many blogs I started using apple cider vinegar, I would wash my feet, apply hydrogen peroxide for the infection and drench the ACV on my feet. It hurt, sometimes I screamed in pain because there were deep open cuts where the AF had eaten away my skin to the point they were bleeding. It looked like trench foot you may have seen in a war movie. I have been on a ritual of washing my feet, peroxide and ACV several times a day for about 3 weeks now. I also keep my feet bare when I am not at work, and had to stay home otherwise because it was just to sore to walk if I didn't have to. I am almost cured, still have some rough patches and still use the ACV but the white decaying skin is almost gone and my feet are 100 times better. If you have AF please use ACV ASAP when you see the first signs. If you have it bad start a regiment now of ACV and keep it on your feet as much as possible. I also put ACV in my wash and clean the floor with it wherever I walk, because I understand the fungus spores can live a long time, and you need them killed in your shoes, socks, bed sheets and wherever they may have been spread. I hope my shared experience can help, it is by reading other peoples stories I found ACV and relief from AF.

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I suggest you clean your shower with hydrogen peroxide and then vinegar to make sure fungus isn't thriving there. Plus the peroxide makes cleaning the tub, and anything else with organic dirt on it, so very easy!! I would then add both to wash my white socks, Only White and vinegar alone to colored socks.
Thank you for posting this treatment. My answer for everything from strep throat to burns and now feet is vinegar and it hasn't failed me yet!!




Thank you for your testimony ACV is truly the safest, cheapest and most effective cure for athletes foot I'll bet that soon you'll see some of the expensive creams on the market claiming 'now with vinegar added' People will buy it hook line and sinker instead of using the plain ol' vinegar.


I have tried the vinegar and it really is a wonder. My AF is finally clearing up after years of having to keep an eye on it. I first wash my feet down with cleaner, you know, like Ajax or Comet. That really gets your feet clean and then I douse them with vinegar and rinse them off, dry well, clean socks and I'm good to go. After a approximately a month of this, I'm almost clear. Thank God something finally worked.

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