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I had this painful knot at the top of my left buttocks and it was painful. Worse pain I've ever experienced in my life. I noticed the red knot on Friday but I just thought my butt was sore. By the time I realized a boil was forming on Monday it was big & swollen & way more painful. I mean I could not sit, walk, or lay on my right side. I was in so much pain all day especially at night when it seems to get worse. Going to the hospital was not an option because I had no medical insurance. I found this website & I read every remedy & tried all monst all of them. Hot soaks, campho phenique, crushed ibuprofen & triple antibiotics, toothpaste, boil ease, nothing worked. It was going on day 7 & I was in a much pain then as I was the very first day. I took a steaming hot bath and put campho phenique on the boil one last time then I covered it with a gauze. I went to bed around 1am & when i woke up at 7am the boil had bust on its own. BOY WAS I RELIEVED. do had a huge mess to clean up but neither the less I was happy.

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