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I have an exposed nerve from breaking my tooth. Saw all the garlic remedies so I decided to try it. Didn't have fresh garlic, so I used the minced garlic in a jar. Dipped a q tip in it and applied it to the tooth and alas, immediate relief.

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Jenn Y

Garlic is my new best friend! I have had I tooth ache for about a week now, it only hurts at night when I go to lay down and to night it was extra painful and I have take and larger amount of meds and it hasn't helped I read your post because I don't have fresh garlic, as the moment the juice hit the tooth the pain lessened it was amazing thank you so much

Graham, Yorkshire UK

just tried the raw garlic hey hoooooo it works if ya can stand the burning but it is worth trying your partner may not want to kiss you afterwards lol


clove oil works great but I tried garlic powder and applied a cotton ball to the tooth and RELIEF!!!Slept like a baby

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