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Witch doctor

Here are a few remedies that have helped my stomach aches :

Ginger ale or sprite or 7 up
And salted saltine crackers
Take sips of the drink and small bites of the crackers
Get a cool rag and lay on stomach and head you can alternate between hot and cold
Prop up your pillows so you sit up right
And a pillow underneath your knees.
Wait an hour after your done drinking / eating to lay down.
If this doesn't help take a warm shower with soothing bath smells, listen to soothing music
Try to keep your mind occupied and off of the pain
Have someone massage you
If you smoke marajuana smoke a bowl
Chew on ginger
Or make ginger water / tea
Add honey or lemon or both
Or just make lemon water
Try to use the Toliet
If all else fails maybe take some sleeping medication and sleep it off , and if it persists do not wait to see a professional

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What if you don't smoke, hm?


If you don't smoke, then don't smoke. But don't put yourself on higher ground, or think you'te better than anyone else because you don't smoke.


Seriously??? 'What if u don't smoke?' Try one of the other SEVERAL remedies the person wrote such as SALTINES N GINGER ALE!!! SMH!! It'll b legal soon enough n what's the prob with smoking a bowl? Its all natural! Cigarette's have so many toxins n alcohol... Both can kill in several ways. You will never OD on marijuana n that's a fact!


rayven123 you are an idiot,realy thats your answer,grow up


nice remide thanks

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