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Heartburn in STL

On top of having Lupus and taking meds with heartburn/acid reflux set backs I just had to eat Shrimp Lo Mein too! Needless to say i'm up due to extreme burning in my throat and chest with a cough.

Sipping on water; coughed back up! Pea size Colgate; my insides continue to burn...grab my what's your question...home remedies for heartburn..omgoodness...there are
others up after midnight feeling equally if not worse then me!

Tums had been my saving grace but now agreeing with several postings the coughing and urge to throw up calmed after drinking 1 cup of milk and the burning stopped and I burped after swallowing 2 Tbs of yellow mustard. all 14 pages of heartburn remedies pain free and 45 mins. later nearing 1AM I'm ready for bed....thanks all

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