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So I went to the doctor he prescribed me some stuff, didnt work, used tinactin, didnt work....Came up with my own solution....

1. Clean site of ringworm
2. Apply hydrogen peroxide (topical) to area effected and surrounding via q-tip
3. Rub kind of hard with the qtip
4. it will bubble a little bit and may turn white
5. Apply Terbinafine Hydrochloride 1% (got it at target)
6. Repeat 2x a day and it should be gone in less than a week

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Just a mom

You should never apply hydrogen peroxide on a fungus. It gives it oxygen which helps it grow.


This tip helped me. I had ringworm for about a month tried different ointments suggested here but to no avail. I followed the tip from this post and like he said in less than a week it started clearing up (I started Sunday morning now it's Thursday) thanks for the great tip!

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