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Warning: this tastes awful, but it works so well it's worth it.
1) take a cotton ball or pad ad dip it in olive oil. rub it on the front surface of your teeth for a few minutes. this takes away the surface stains,
2) mix peroxide, baking soda, and lemon juice in a small cup. it will fizz. swish in your mouth for 5 minutes, DO NOT RINSE.
6) dip toothbrush in apple cider vinegar (white vinegar works as well, but not as much) and brush teeth. it will tingle and this part is the worst because of tha taste of the lemon mixture. when you are done, swish with the vinegar until you cannot stand the taste.
7) brush teeth regularly with whitening toothpaste.
8) swish olive oil in your mouth for 20 minutes. it feels nasty and taste bad but you get used to it. I usually do this part while I'm showering.
9) brush teeth again or rinse with mouthwash to get the taste and texture out of your mouth,
yes, it tastes like torture, but if you can handle it. it works wonders.

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Umm boogy your completely wrong it would be different if it was just straight lemon juice but with the mixture it doesnt hurt teeth if your still skeptical about use half of a lemon or lime.


The texture of the oil was horrible but I do this about every few days and I brush my teeth with toothpaste and when I don't use toothpaste I mix peroxide and baking soda and they work perfectly as a team these to remidies


Worth a try but, it seems to miss a few steps the numbering does not add up. Is that a mistake of the hand or are we missing a few steps? Thanks for posting just want to make sure I have all the right instructions.


Where is 3,4&5 ?


It's kind of sad, but after all of the lemon juice and baking soda and peroxide, the vinegar actually starts to taste sweet.


To all those people confused on the numbering.

Because the author of this put a 5 in one of the steps it skipped to 6 because of auto numbering.


Just wondering what kind of peroxide to use? Is it from a kitchen cleaner or for bleaching hair?


are you supposed to use all of these together? or just pick one and use it individually?


YES! This one worked. My teeth are white as is, but it gave me the 'sparkle' I wanted. It whitened my aunt's teeth (she smokes). If you don't have peroxide on hand, it still works pretty good. I only used half a lemon.

Another tip: I added an extra step. I opened two activated charcoal capsule and dumped the charcoal on my teeth. Left it for 10 minutes, then swished the oil for 20 minutes. I'll add this to my beauty regimen as a once a week treatment.

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