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There's natural alternatives to taking a proactive approach and fighting back against genital herpes. I'm someone that strongly believes in being proactive, instead of reactive and my protocol of alternative treatments has been great.

Does this mean my protocol is perfect? No, it's not. Can I promise you that everything I use will work for you? No, I can't. What I will say is try some of the following and see if it makes a difference. There's no harm in trying.

Now I'm going to list what supplements I take, but I won't go into detail on why/how it works because all of you are capable of researching on your own to learn more about them. I'm sure some of you have tried some of them already.

Then there's some you might have not tried. I decided to compile this list because I don't see many people mentioning them on the net too often. At least not in the places I've looked. I think some of them get overlooked.

So without anymore hesitation, here's my list of supplements that's worked for me:

**Oil of Oregano P73**

**Barlene's Olive Leaf Complex**


**Vitamin C (High Doses)**

**Black Seed Oil**

**Vitamin B12 Complex Sublingual Liquid**

**Bee Propolis**

Now the supplements above have been great FOR ME and I won't promise you that they'll be great for you. Therefore, do your OWN research and see what might work best for you.

There 2 particular supplements that I truly believe make the biggest difference. If you don't try anything else I'm mentioning, at least consider trying these particular two supplements:

**Vibrant Health Gigartina Red Marine Algae**


Again, do your OWN research.

Vibrant Health makes a good Red Marine Algae product which is why I'm mentioning them specifically by name.

When it comes to Reishi, only deal with one company period and save yourself a bunch of headaches and that's Reishi Essence. Simply Google it.

So that's my list. I hope to help other people that are suffering with GH and make it where people can at least maintain with the fewest amount of OB's as possible. Do you research and learn how each of these supplements work against GH. Then try some of them in a daily protocol to see if it can provide relief.

If you care to ask me any questions, leave a comment and I'll make it a priority to come on here once a week to answer anything I'm able to answer.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. :)

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I have been free of outbreaks for almost 4 months. This is a huge difference from monthly. I will add some more of the supplements you recommended and see if next time I can go longer. I have had a huge amount of stress at work and home so I am sure that has something to do with this outbreak.
You have helped so many by sharing this information. I have been reading the posts and it is so sad to see such young people affected by this painful disorder. I was already married and had my children when I was first diagnosed. I never had any concerns until I had a Brazilian wax (a gift to my husband) and a few days later I have an outbreak! I will keep you posted as it seems so many are helped by these posts.


Hello again, I haven't been in touch for a while but things are better now that I am taking your recommended supplements and changed my diet. I seem to get an OB every three month. If this is correct I should be due in March. I am a bit hopeful I won't have one. Once I do get one I have Valtrex on hand and it usually is gone in two to three days. I will try to stay in touch and hope this helps others.

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