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There's natural alternatives to taking a proactive approach and fighting back against genital herpes. I'm someone that strongly believes in being proactive, instead of reactive and my protocol of alternative treatments has been great.

Does this mean my protocol is perfect? No, it's not. Can I promise you that everything I use will work for you? No, I can't. What I will say is try some of the following and see if it makes a difference. There's no harm in trying.

Now I'm going to list what supplements I take, but I won't go into detail on why/how it works because all of you are capable of researching on your own to learn more about them. I'm sure some of you have tried some of them already.

Then there's some you might have not tried. I decided to compile this list because I don't see many people mentioning them on the net too often. At least not in the places I've looked. I think some of them get overlooked.

So without anymore hesitation, here's my list of supplements that's worked for me:

**Oil of Oregano P73**

**Barlene's Olive Leaf Complex**


**Vitamin C (High Doses)**

**Black Seed Oil**

**Vitamin B12 Complex Sublingual Liquid**

**Bee Propolis**

Now the supplements above have been great FOR ME and I won't promise you that they'll be great for you. Therefore, do your OWN research and see what might work best for you.

There 2 particular supplements that I truly believe make the biggest difference. If you don't try anything else I'm mentioning, at least consider trying these particular two supplements:

**Vibrant Health Gigartina Red Marine Algae**


Again, do your OWN research.

Vibrant Health makes a good Red Marine Algae product which is why I'm mentioning them specifically by name.

When it comes to Reishi, only deal with one company period and save yourself a bunch of headaches and that's Reishi Essence. Simply Google it.

So that's my list. I hope to help other people that are suffering with GH and make it where people can at least maintain with the fewest amount of OB's as possible. Do you research and learn how each of these supplements work against GH. Then try some of them in a daily protocol to see if it can provide relief.

If you care to ask me any questions, leave a comment and I'll make it a priority to come on here once a week to answer anything I'm able to answer.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. :)

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After reading back over my original post above, I felt like I should add what MY daily protocol is exactly. I'm sure someone is bound to ask me, so I might as well tell you before I'm asked.

Oil of Oregano P73 is taken as 2 drops under the tongue once daily.

Barlene's Olive Leaf Complex is taken as 1 Tablespoon once daily.

Lecithin is taken as 2 1200 milligram softgels once daily.

Vitamin C is taken as 3 to 5 grams daily. *Note: Start slowly and build up to taking a higher dose. Research as to why you should taken high doses to start with at the beginning.

Black Seed Oil is taken as 1 Tablespoon once daily.

Vitamin B12 Complex Sublingual Liquid is taken as 1ml once daily.

Bee Propolis is taken as 2 500mg capsules once daily.

Vibrant Health Gigartina Red Marine Algae is taken as 2 capsules daily, although the recommended dose is 4 capsules. It's a little on the expensive side, so I cut it down to 2 instead of 4.

Reishi's dosing depends on the type of Reishi you buy. When buying Reishi, be sure to buy the Reishi that's 'hot water extracted'.

If you checkout Reishi Essence's website and decide to buy from them, their ProFormula, GanoPrime, and GanoCrest are all really good supplements.

So that's the supplements that I personally use. Now I'm not saying to buy everything I mentioned and start using it all at one time. Instead, buy one or two different supplements and try them one at a time.

If you buy and use everything at once, you won't know what's working the best for your body. There's a possibility you won't need every supplement I've mentioned. Again, it's just what I take.

So what benefits have I seen from following my daily protocol? Well I won't sit here and tell you I never have a OB, because then I'd be lying. However, I only get one OB a year and it's extremely mild in nature and gone within 3 days. That's the honest truth.

I'm not the most healthy eater either. I'm somewhat that truly believes in taking natural supplements, instead of using prescription drugs. The long term effects of using those prescription drugs can be harmful in the long run and for some, might not be worth the risk.

Now to those of you that take the usual prescriptions and they work for you, I'm NOT telling you to stop taking them. If you're able to manage just fine with them, then don't fix what's not broken.

My protocol I'm telling you about is simply an alternative to those of you that have tried other things without much success. My key is hoping to provide people with a way to manage the condition better and have fewer OB's.

None of what I listed will cure you of GH, but until a cure is found I believe my protocol is fairly solid and could help a lot of people that are suffering.

The only other supplement I haven't mentioned is Zinc, but that's because I figured most people already knew about taking Vitamin C and Zinc together could be very helpful as well.

As I said in my original post, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. I'll come back once a week to see if there's any new comments to reply to. Good luck to all of you and stay stress free much as possible. :)


Thanks for taking the time to post this on here. I've been browsing all over the internet looking for natural remedies to combat this. I knew about some of the things you listed, but not about a few of them. Again, I appreciate you posting this and I'll surely be trying some of it to see if it could help me out.


Thank you for this valuable information. I just started a regimen and will let you know how it works. I have been getting outbreaks monthly and i am not a fan of valtrex.

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It's not a problem at all. I hope that you're able to find the right combination of natural alternatives that will help you fight against HSV-2. Always remember you're not alone in this fight and hopefully you'll be able to become proactive against it. Good luck. :)

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@Submitted at 2013-08-22 16:47:48:

Very happy to hear that you started your own regime and I sure hope that some, if not all of it works for you. Obviously what works for me is not promise to work for everyone, but if you've never tried the things I've listed, it's surely couldn't hurt. I wish you the best of success and please do come back to post an update on how everything is going. :)


so heres the latest. I have tried your regimen with a little tweaking and after a week or so had an outbreak. I started my valtrex whcih usually takes a couple days to help, well it didn't even tkae 24 hours! I am so happy. I have continued the regimen and we will see what happens at the end of September. I usually get an outbreak every month at the end of the month. I would love to have an in person support group but this stupid virus carries such a negative stigma nobody would ever show their face.


Taking 1000mg Lysine every day between meals greatly reduces the outbreaks of any kind of herpes, including genital. If you do have an outbreak, usually due to being run-down, take one 3x a day between meals.

On the mouth, cover the area with Bee Propolis cream and then a plaster overnight each night -- it will reduce the outbreak to about 2 days.


Thx for sharing this info,

vibrant health gigartina rma rules w/o any doubt, not even taking them everyday maybe just 4 caps/week when i feel i overstress/overexhaust myself.

havent had any OB (touch wood) for the past 6 mths so far.

the craziest part not many ppl know abt this.

on top of the reishi might want to add this mushroom to ur regime agaricus blazei.


okay, I promised to get back to you monthly and here I am! I cannot thank you enough for sharing your vitamin therapy. I did not have an outbreak for the first time in a year and a half since trying your regimen. I am a new person thanks to you.


Hi again, It's November 6th and still no outbreak since trying your regimine. I really cannot thank you enough!!!!

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