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What I have tried and seems to work for me....this may sound weird to some but give it a try....K lay in your bed on your back and put your hands on your chest (or in the most confortable position for you)then in your mind starting at your feet say my feet are really relaxed and feel them relax, then move up to your ankles and do the same, then move onto your calves, then knees and so on. Hopefully this will put you out, if not lay in the most comfortable position and try it. Hopefully this works for some.....another little tid bit is maybie put on some soothing music (like enya)..

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I do this also. Practice make perfect. Enya helps too.


I did this growing up and it works..VERY well. But it's not great for instant sleep help so have a little time before you want to be asleep. The term for this is called Prana. The workings of portions of the body reffered to as ida, sushumna and pingala. Many people are forced to not think about moving their feet or concentrated body part during this time..this is called Asana. By and by the best way to over coming a long term sleep disorder! Thanks for posting!


I tried this last night I didn't want to because
It sounds like a crazy ritual but yeah I don't
Even remember what happened after my chest :]


This was taught to me and my classmates in drama class. It helps to open and free your mind but yes, it helps to sleep to.


I do this almost every night. I live a very stressful life, and it helps 'end the day' for me.
Only difference for me is... after I'm finished with the whole body relaxation, I usually meditate. After I feel my whole body is relaxed, I have a place in my mind where I can go and be completely relaxed. For me, it's on a beach, with a cool breeze, at sunset. I imagine my self laying on the beach. I can even trick my brain into smelling the salty ocean air, and feeling the breeze. This usually does the trick for me. It sounds a little weird, but your brain is so much more powerful than many people give it credit for. Ever heard of the phrase, 'mind over matter?'

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