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VapoRub!!! Read about vaporub on this thread, but it didnt get near enough credit! Took a hot bath then rubbed vaporub on the approximately 100 bites. Oh sweet relief! I am going to bed and I am certain I will actually sleep now!

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This does work, we tried it out last nigh 8/17/13. Couldn't believe how well, be sure u do the hot bath, then vapor rub. Works better than bleach. LOL


This is absolute BS.

Tonya O'Bannon

My son has been working in the yard all day and came in with well over 100 bites on him and we tried the bleach first, then we read this thread and tried it. He's in heaven right now and actually getting relief.


holy relief!! two thumbs up it feels amazing




I typed earlier that it did not work. I was so disappointed. How wrong I was! I didn't give it enough time before blasting this great remedy!! I also took 2 benedryl and the next morning, the bites were gone. The vapor rub totally took care of them. No red marks, nothing. I was wrong.

Linda Lye

I have over100 bits of bad itchy, they look terrible giving the remade a try.


After picking up 'thousands of Black Walnuts' and raking pine shatters this week the chiggers got me! The Vapo-rub has relieved the terrible itching and appears to be going away. (I've applied it three times so far). I usually spray my socks, shoes and trousers with 'Off' prior to doing yard work. Was lazy this time and am paying the price.


absolute relief!!!!!!! thank you all I have so many bites and was going crazy itching! I only have baby vapor rub and it worked almost as soon as I was putting it on!!! brilliant idea!


Bugs have aways despised me...until this summer!!! #$%* Chiggers! I have large red blotches where I have been scratching - through the clear nail polish. No shorts for me - it looks horrid! I took two benodryl last night and passed out for eleven hours and...probably scratched in my sleep since there is no difference. Today I took a hot, soapy shower and scraped off the polish-sweet forbidden relief-applied vitamin E and lay here...itching...
Then ran for the vick's.
RELIEF. The bites I didn't scratch will be gone in couple of days. The ones I scratched will take weeks...I wish I'd have seen this 3 days ago. Thank you!!

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