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Try evening primrose oil (you can buy it in any health food store) instead of any other antinflamatory or pain relever. I have taken one as soon as I feel pains coming on and it seems to really work. Also it works good for headaches (migranes) pretty much anything like that. I use it as a substitute of tylenol or any other pill like that and well I swear on it.

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Indeed, if you can, take EPO as a daily supplement, one a day and increase dosage to 3 gels per day, 3 days before your menstruation all the way to 3rd day after it. Go back to one a day after that. The pain will never disturb you again for the rest of your life, and it is a great product to easy menopause symtoms in the future.


What is an EPO?


Evening Primrose Oil


star flower oil is better, it contains higher doses of GLA, the active ingredient in EPO. Take it for the second half of your cycle along with B vitamins, magnesium (get an easily absorbed version, ask in your health food shop) and vitamin E. if you get pain take vit E and magnesium immediately. I had severe dysmenorrhea and had been in agony even on prescription pain killers and a Tens machine, but honestly this remedy has changed my life, no painkillers after a few months but if I lapse it comes back. Please trust me and try it.

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