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I've tried everything. I've had issues getting the Flagyl so I've been trying home remedies- skip the peroxide, garlic, baking soda, vinegar. They all set you on fire. The best thing I've found is Destitin Diaper Rash Cream. My OB recommended it til I can get the Flagyl and it's working great.

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Do u insert it or just put it on the outside? Please let me know. Email me


flagylis for a yeast infection not bacteria that is other end of the infection spectrum... alkalinity vs acidity and all that stuff to make some more clarity


I would also like to know do you insert the cream with a tampon? Or how do you do it? Please post or email me. Thanks so much.


Flagyl is for bacteria idiot


yes, flagyl is for bacteria...what I need to know is if you insert the desitin with applicator?


email me too on how to use it. tnx!


okay how do you use the cream? insert it in the vagina?


So in the vagina or not ?

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