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Ok... I have been cursed with toothaches for the last 3 months... I've gone to the dentist not looking for any pain medication just wanted antibiotics and extraction! Well they refuse to extract them yes them... Lol the want to do root canals! I have have for the past 5 days taken Amoxicilin and Ibprofen... Relief for a little while maybe 6 hours or so... I was reading and more people say Vanilla Extract well I'm a cooker so I only had a little corner left... So I have Almond Extract I decided to rinse my mouth with that and OMG It burnt like Hell I screamed so loud my kids came to check on me but... NO MORE PAIN!!! I'm sooooo elated!!!

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Almond essence almost instant relief for my daughter at 4am in the morning.Thank for the tip now I can go back to sleep.from Wesley ,Cape town south africa

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