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I have gotten boils since i was about 14. Im 23 now. I am prone to them since i live in a warm climate. Always make sure underwear is cotton.

My current cure for my last boil was diaper rash cream. I knew it had aloe in it and helps with redness. It worked. It will slowly bring it to a head and soften the boil. Also applying heat does help. Beware for some people like myself too much heat can cause it to swell before it bursts so underwear or clothing rubs the boils. I also reccommend to start taking a fish oil supplement. As soon as i stop taking it the boils come back.

My boyfriend had a boil on his neck and he used toothpaste to dry his boil out. Everyone has a different method.

Tumeric paste will stain your clothes beware.

Tea tree oil is also good.

Heat and no stress :)) goodluck.

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Tried the diaper cream and it worked!! Yay! But messy though (that stuff is thick!) but I would clean it thoroughly and reapply. Thank you!

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