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You will need:

***White Vinegar
***1 pair of cotton or wool bulky socks
***2 thick plastic bags large enough to contain your feet and go half way up the calf.
***Toenail scissors
***A nail file

Put on socks. Stick feet in bags. Add full strength to 1:3 vinegar to water to the bags until the socks have soaked up all the liquid, but you aren't sloshing about in the bags. Leave on for as many hours as you can accomplish.... sleep in the bags if you can. I tried to do at least 6 hours a day.

On day one with full strength vinegar after 6 hours, nearly all of the calluses on my feet slid off. This made me much more comfortable. I rinsed my feet and then trimmed all of the nails back as much as I could. I also filed and dug out the fibrous stuff under the nail. This was easily done as the nails were soft and pliable.

I repeated this for 2 weeks and the nails were fungus free.

I try to repeat this at least once a month for callus removal and to aid in fungus deterrence.

I have heard of people doing this with Listerine also. It is just my opinion, but I think mixing the two would make each less useful. It seems to be the extremes of Ph that is the activating process here. Listerine is Alkaline I believe and Vinegar of course is acid. Mixing them would not make a better product.

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Anonymous 1 part vinegar (does it matter which type?) and 2 parts water or the other way around? also how long do u wait 2 put on shoes or is this only for overnight/...


Well I am trying this remedy. First let me say that I would do this over night. I've only had the bags on for 1 1/2 hours and I'm ready to take them off now. However I won't because I want to see what happens. So stay tuned.


Ok so day 1 I used straight vinegar. I lasted 5 hours (recommend doing over night). As stated rough skin files off very easily. The fibrous material under nail softens and some can be removed. Me feet resemble prunes however I think the first treatment was a success. I'm just worried about the vinegar smell. Will that stay with me all day? If so i may switch to the Listerine at least it smells good.


do you use the same socks every day or when do you change socks


Carla! What happened? What was the outcome?

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