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After years of dealing with angular chelitis using all the products, creams and ointments around, I have figured out what worked for me.
It was the food I put in my body! I started an anti candida diet. Basically, no sugars, starches, wheat, grains, fruits, alcohol and coffee. Only an abundance of fresh vegetables, organic protiens and salads. Within a week the cracks on my mouth dissapeared. I'm continuing on a deeper level of fighting the candida that I can't see, and working to balance out my bodies natural ecology (to have the good bacteria in abundance to stop the candida coming back).
I used the Body Ecology Diet as my basis. I am not affiliated with this company, nor being paid to make any endorsements. Its certainly not a magic pill, and does take some effort BUT It's amazing that the simplest of approaches are often the best. Hope this helps.

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