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I wetted bed heavily as a child until 9yrs and it gradually decreased until 13yrs. Later in my early to mid 20, it reoccured about two to three times when I started working night shift. I was so sleep deprived that one night when I had the night off, I went into a very deep sleep. It was the best sleep ever but when I woke up, my bed was wet. I started laughing because I just cracked the mastery of bed wetting, I thought to myself. 'Deep sleeping stops the brain from getting the signal that we have to pee'. I also have two kids. A 9yr old that wets the bed and a 5yr old that doesn't. One night when they were sleeping in a hotel room I applied Vaseline on their dry lips. The five yr old moved her head in response to the touching she felt, but the 9yr old laid like a dead body.she didn't even realize she was being touched. This just corroborated my hypothesis that Deep sleeping is a major cause of bed wetting. Since then I bought a very loud alarm clock for my 9yr old and she sets it for 2hrs post bed time. Cos that's when she usually wets the bed. She's been waking up dry more often.

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I have a 10 yr old boy and I am PULLING MY HAIR OUT over this bed wetting thing. WE have tried medication, bed wetting alarms and limiting liquids. But recently my husband came to the same conclusion you did about the deep sleeper. My son sleeps so hard that the bed alarm will go off and it wakes me from another room while he is still sound asleep, I have to practically beat him to wake up. (not literally)So now we have realize the problem but we still have the problem. How do you get someone not to be a hard sleeper??????? I don't think it a possibility. HELP

Shernard Biasura

I am 14 years old right now. Why I am exeperiencing bedwetting?. Sometimes I'm not peeng qhen i sleep. I exeperience it by sleeping deep. Wht should i do to stop that bedwetting in every nights?


To all you deep sleepers, you have a sleeping disorder. It's the same disorder that causes sleep apnea, sleep walking and talking, night terrors, and bed wetting. You reach quickly and stay in the fourth stage of sleep for too long. In order to get rid of the bed wetting, you first have to treat the sleeping disorder. Hope it helps. :)

Oh. I've had this sleep disorder my whole life but mine was night terrors and talking. But my 6 yr old son has it as well and struggles with bed wetting.


I have been thinking about getting my nine treat old an alarm clock as well. Out seems that he wets the bed within two hours of falling asleep and out seems to coincide with growth spurts, etc.

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