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Just rub some neat Vegemite on the affected area,if it hurts while you are doing this that,s a good thing. The more the hurt the better the result.

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Had a wicked ulcer yesterday morning, which was why I was here - looking for a solution.
The Vegemite WORKS!!! It hurt like hell, but it went within minutes. Can't imagine whats in it.....


wijl marmite work as i dnt have vegemite.

Andrew Longworth

The Vegemite works (we call it Marmite in England) and it hurt like hell when I was applying it to the ulcer. Infact, I had tears in my eyes as it was so painfull, but 10 minutes later, the pain was gone and the ulcer was subdued. It didnt hurt at all.

Thank you for a brilliant natural remedy.


Just tried it it kills soo far thanks for the post it worked a treat


I imagine it's effective because Vegemite is one of the richest sources of vitamin B available and mouth ulcers are often caused by a vitamin B deficiency.


Marmite isn't the same as Vegemite (you can buy Vegemite in the UK too) but they are a similar product so might work just as well.

Washing your mouth with salt water regularly helps too. If your toothpaste is irritating it, try gently but regularly brushing followed by salt water gargle.
Chewing on some lovage leaves works as an anaesthetic (odd one). I used glycerine as a kid, seemed to help but I'm not sure if it's good for you. Avoid sugary foods and drinks, alcohol and acidic foods like vinegar or tomatoes. No alcohol based listerine. This can give you ulcers itself.
I think most importantly make sure the mouth rinsing with salt is getting into every part of your mouth, even when it hurts, to flush out the bacteria.


To the Owner of this post you Legend!!
Never had one an the Discomfort of these things is Horried.
Salt water, Brought products useless!
And Funny reading other Post...YES it Definetly Stings like Really..Really Badly. Once it had Calmed down Instint relief an pretty much gone next Day.


I always crave vegemite when I have mouth ulcers but just read the thread it's a major source of vitamin b ! Going to try it !

Heather Widmann

Does anyone know where i can purchase this vegemite at in pa ive called everywhere no one has even heard of it and i cant take this pain much longer im on Facebook Heather Widmann please

Philippa D.

Vegemite is an Australian sandwich/toast spread. You can order Australian food items online. Try these:
Or call 1-800-447-1187
(Wow! Every size packet available. You'd probably only need the very smallest size for the rest of your life! So strong is Vegemite.) Do yourself a favour and buy some TimTam biscuits (cookies) while you're there. You will thank me. Buy original flavour (milk choc) the first time.

Vegemite is a very dark brown paste, it's weird. And less is definitely more. Most Americans hate it but my American husband loves it. Hope this helps uou source some!

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