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I know everyone here are providing so called 'home remedies' I have had fever blisters ever since I was a small child. I've used every over the counter and prescription ointment the 80's, 90's and 2000's have had to offer. Abreva, Denavir, Releeve, ect. I've also tried every 'home remedy' on the internet. YES, some of the ointments and home remedies partially work, as in, relieving pain, increasing heal time and aid in the resolution of the fever blister in 3-5 days with multiple applications. I use the word success to describe these methods lightly because to me, 3-5 days is not a sufficient measurement for success. As painful as these little things are, why aren't we talking about actual real successful remedies, instead of just home remedies that don't really pass the test of real success. Here is my story:
I had always heard from my doctor that a certain medication was being used to treat fever blisters. I immediately shrugged it off because I couldn't swallow my pride to actually follow through with the perceived embarrassment for getting and filling such a prescription. About two years ago, I sucked it up and went for it and I am so glad I did. This is the only true remedy! We all know Fever Blisters are a form of Herpes. So why not use a medication that directly fights and suppresses Herpes. I got a prescription for the Generic Valtrex pill. I only got 10 pills.
-When I feel the tingle I take one, and it is gone within hours
-If I wait until it is already there, post tingle, I take a pill right then and another 12 hours away, and the fever blister is completely gone, Start to finish in less than 24 hours!!!!

Now that is remedy! As painful and ugly as these things are, I sucked up the embarrassment of getting Herpes medicine, but I am so glad I did. If you want the only thing that actually works, just have your Doctor give you a sample of Valtrex or generic Valtrex, you will be converted as I was. I know some people that take 4-6 pills every month regardless of having a fever blister and they haven't had outbreaks in years.

Just my 2 cents, I am in no way affiliated with Valtrex or Generic Valtrex.

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I totally ! My doctor recommended Valtrex for me and it works better than anything I've ever used.


I've tried everything too. Valtrex is the only thing that works for me. I try to always have it on hand.


My husband has had several bouts with shingles. The doc prescribed Valtrex for him. When I started feeling the tingle, I took one. Within the hour the tingle was gone and no blisters ever erupted. No shame here, I will be getting a prescription my next Dr. visit.


And if you don't have insurance?

B Quincyil

Yes...i tried everthing dentist recommended valtrex...wrote me a script and yes it does the job!!! no more messing around with the home remedies!


Valtrex does absolutely nothing for mine, no matter how many or how often I take them. Abreva works the best out of everything I've ever tried, but I will try out some other remedies on this site. I've been getting them for about 20 years or so, and get them very frequently (probably about 2-4 per month on average). They don't seem to be decreasing with my age, as you so frequently hear. I get them under my nose and in my chin area, usually. I must just have a really bad case. But just wanted to let people know that Valtrex may work for some people, but not for everyone. (I've also tried Acyclivor, does absolutely nothing for me either).

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