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When in doubt, try YouTube. I can't post the url here, so do a search on YouTube for Lymph Drainage for the Ears. Another is trying meditation, hypnosis, or visualization to focus mentally on clearing the blockage. This can help for any kind of ailment. The power of the mind to help heal your body is pretty amazing, and there are so many free resources out there if you look around (especially on YouTube).

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Thank you for this great idea! My ears have been plugged for 5 days due to sinus congestion. The pain and pressure in my ears and head have been awful. Last night I tried the lymphatic drainage massage and ear lymphatic drainage massage on Youtube. (Massage by Heather) I also set an intention that my ears would be better by the time I woke up this morning and they are! Yay for the power of massage AND the mind! THANK YOU!!!


my ears are so plugged i cant hear myself typing this message. i tried everything and it did not work. but i tried the lynthining thing and it help but the meditation thing hlep me out to i had to lite candles and play soothing music to keep me focus on the mucus in my ear and then i felt a POP and my ear was clear. i think the candles help alot because it help me relax during the process.


Tried the lymphatic drainage - made it worse - and yes I was doing it properly. Be careful - you may well do more harm than good...

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