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I had a terrible outbreak of poison ivy on my leg. woke up in the middle of the night with severe itching that was intolerable. out of desperation grabbed an sos brillo pad. scrubbed the site and let me tell you that in itself felt so good. it opened the sites and the brillo pad did a great job of cleansing. That night it oozed and oozed, I put paper towel on it and slept...absolutely no more itcing. period. not even the next day. it dried up the site. I did it one more time the next day and I did put a polysporin cream to prevent infection. Then it went into the healing phase.

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3:30am. Tried this. I love you. Thank you. It felt soooooo good, and the relief is amazing. I let cold water run over it afterward, then dried with paper towel - twice. I also put Gold Bond lotion on afterward -relief. Thank you!


Omg just did SOS pad on my 8 yr old son with it a little wet in a cup and instant relief of itching w/ just a little burning after a few mins. Used a magazine to air dry quicker and because of slight burn . We put back on his white tshirt and he has not itched and has fallen asleep . Feeling really blessed right now . Thank you soooo much

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