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In 2009, after a terrible eye injury, I had to have 5 surgeries to save the eye. I had never had a single headache, so I honestly did not recognize the migraine..I though something was wrong with my eyes.
After the 3rd surgery, I was diagnosed with chronic migraines. Daily headaches with up to 3 severe migraines a week.
After 4 years, I have been through a long list of symptoms. Including numbness in my lips, blurred vision, confusion, vomiting, etc.I have figured out some triggers such as stress, bright lights/sunshine, cinnamon, strong smells, and noise...did I mention I work in a bright office with children?!?! And women never realize that their candles put some people in pain or they really don't need THAT much perfume on (men too for that matter.)
With a big team of physicians and lots of google searches (and I mean almost daily searches) I have found a couple of things that ease the pain a bit. I have medications from my doctors (3 to be exact) but they do not always help.
I have found that sitting in the bathroom when the shower is steaming helps when the weather is changing...but only while you are in there.
Large amounts of caffeine (even in pill form) will ease it for a couple of hours.
One of my favorites is putting Vicks on my will make them ease just enough to function properly. (It also repels people~which is a good thing while you have a migraine)
And I also have to take a minute to remember that if I get nervous or anxious when I feel it coming on, it will only get worse so smile through the pain and calm down.

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