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HI to all of you!! I don't know where to start but I am going to start out with do not give up on life. Ive had this issue what seems all my life and I hate it as im sure you do. In the beginning years I took meds for it but didn't help so heres what helps me, fyi im in my 40's. Keep your Lysine intake high and your Arginine low , when the one supersedes the other you get an outbreak...Nuts, chocolate, oats causes outbreaks.. eggs,chicken, fish are high in Lysine , buy Lysine capsules as your local GNC. What foods are you eating ? stay active!! when it happens I use the original Lysterine with cottenball ball and dab, it cools and will dry quickly..relief... I was told this buy a older male dr . He made me feel like I wasn't a bad person and that shit happens. I tend to forget my eating habits and then get a breakout so I immediately start taking capsules and eating a high diet in Lysine, Check list of foods that are high in Lysine and low in arginine ,this will help. Tea tree oil helps too... stay positive and stress free .

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it sounds so wonderful, as if there is life with this sickness. All it does to me is to make me feel bad and unwothy, guilty as sin...for me when I pray I have learned to thank God for it, just to calm my spirit. I have a lot of outbrakes and the person who passed them on to me lives happyly passing on to others. Life is not fair. Thank you for cheering me up!


How much lysine should you take?

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