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Ashley B.

OMG! OMG! OMG!. Take Pure Vanilla Extract (yes, the one u cook with) put it on a q-tip and rub the tooth and surrounding gums. Quickest pain relief EVER!!!!

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i tried the vanilla extract after garggling with brandy ,,warm water ,,,,and pinching in between my thumb and index finger and it seems the vanilla extract has done the trick GREAT STUFF definately gonna stock up on that product


I tried this tonight. Awful taste but it did give me some relief. Not throbbing anymore. Happy with extract.


This really work it's only that it doesn't last long but that's okay because it's quick and easy to do really takes away the pain!


Thank you so much I was almost screaming in pain this totally works!!!! Off to the dentist tomorrow but this trick was a lifesaver!


I was doubtful but it worked once I found the tooth that causing the problem. Make sure you find the right tooth!


I have being disturbed by my tootharch for one week and so. It all started when i eat a big amout of meat. I had fangs of meat between my teeth and got a toothpick to take it of. I crushed my tooth gum with the pick, and it gave me a big hole in my teeth. As the days go by, the hole increase and worstend. I couldn't sleep at night. I had to take hot water and salt in my mouth to relief my self from the pain but that lasted only for 3min. I also took hot tea for löng in my mouth the pain was unbearable bt it got me relief too. My final take was white vitamin C with paracetamol to relief pain. I drank d paracetamol and then granded d white vitamin C and sprinkled it on the gum of the particular tooth dat caused me the pain, and after one min till now i've not experienced pain in my tooth again. I can now chew with my teeth. I hope this tip helps you find relief?


I have been dealing with toothache pains for three weeks and i have tried everything you could possibly imagine. Today i was in so much pain i was in tears, so i decided to swish with this generic brand of nighttime cold & flu medicine i had in the closet and im telling u it instantly took away all of my pain...YAAAAH!!! Im so elated. Try it everyone. Family wellness brand! :-)


how long does it take to make the pain go away


how long until the pain comes back

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