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For the record, I tried the old style remedy of baking soda (1tsp to 6 oz of water) and I felt relief right away! Can't get any more simple and it's also almost free!

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Wow! I can't believe how well and fast this worked! My pain was about to ruin date night at my favorite restaurant. This fixed me up almost instantly! I don't experience gas pain often, so I didn't really know what to do. I took a chance on this tip and am glad I did.


Works like a charm. 1/2~1tsp in a cup of warm water, drink through a straw to try and avoid hitting the taste bud's (it doesn't taste well, like washing powder).
Note there's multiple factors to gas; 1) Too much acid, 2) PH is wrong etc. This is why it works for some and not others. If this doesn't work for you I recommend seeing your GP about obtaining some omeprazole (reduces acid - works for me when home remedies/off the shelf products don't) or similar medication.

Also a good relief remedy for water infections btw - relief, not a resolution (so see your GP in case you need antibiotics).

Would not however advise doing this more than twice a day - too much of it can be bad for you.
Avoid if you have any sodium restricted illness or allergies.

Not a doctor, talking from long standing experience with this stuff.


i hears we should avoid it altogether in our diets, forget exactly why but maybe it has aluminum in it , whATEVER IT IS ITS UNHEalthy


OMG! I was in so much pain!!! I wouldn't recommend this for every day use of course but I couldn't even stand up. I started sipping 1 tsp mixed in a mug of room temperature water. I drank less than half before I started feeling relief. I haven't had gas in years but if I ever get it again I know what works and FAST!

Look it up on md-health or webmd websites. It is also called sodium bicarbonate and used by docs as a quick acting antacid.

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