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For the record, I tried the old style remedy of baking soda (1tsp to 6 oz of water) and I felt relief right away! Can't get any more simple and it's also almost free!

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Doctor told me this is not good for you and to stop doing it


Do not try this. I was looking for something for my husband and saw this. my husband tried it and now he is feeling very sick to his stomach do not do that I repeat people are stupid posting Shit on here that they don't know anything about


This works like a charm..... read the side of the box has directions for use.


This remedy tastes like jizz. Literally, almost threw up. No immediate cure. Gross.


Baking soda CREATES gas when it comes in contact with your stomach acid. Do NOT do this.

Chris B Critter

I was suffering for hours. then I took the baking soda with water , Chugged I it all down almost threw up Belched like a truck driver. Five minutes was finally able to go back to sleep. Yes, thanks be to God (Old school praise)
Try them both


this does work I have done this a few times it's not something you should do all the time but for every once in awhile relief it does work it causes you to belch it out. anything you have to do more than once or twice then you need to see a doctor.


Worked immediately for me, did with the sit-ups

It doesn't taste too pleasant, though, but neither does vodka. You'll need to chug.


Works great suffered for hours but now can relax without embarrassing gas 😷


Baking Soda is wonderful for acid reflux, not so much for gas. One reason you may have gas is because you DON'T have enough stomach acid and the food is fermenting in your stomach. I would try HCL supplements and see if that helps if you have gas all the time.

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