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After going years without chigger bites, I have them for the second time this summer! Just read the many suggestions for chigger bite relief after waking up itching like crazy. I remember my mom using the clear nail polish on me as a kid to supposedly smother the chigger. I now know that there is nothing to smother in there, but I think the polish seemed to help, as some people still swear by it, because it still helped dry up the area and put a barrier on the skin from the surrounding air. After scrubbing well in a warm shower, I decided to try spreading maximum strength vagisil cream on my bites. It contains a strong topical analgesic, and vitamins A, D, E and aloe. Worked! The swelling, redness and itching of the bumps subsided very quickly and they already look like they are shrinking and drying up! It worked way better and faster than the other after bite products I tried before this.

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