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My daughter would get these horrid diaper rashes whenever she would teethe. I mean red swollen bleeding. I had tried EVERYTHING!!!! What I found worked best was equal parts Nystatin, Desitin, and Hydrocortisone. You mix it all together and lather it on! Worked Wonders! Went away within 4 diaper changes!

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My grandaughter had the worst diaper rash I had every dealt with. I read this up the mixture of monastat, butt paste, and hydrocortisone cream and it worked like nothing i had ever seen. Thanks for your help with the awesome mixture. It's the best.


thats not exactly a 'home remedy' lol


my baby has just finished a dosage of nystatin for her thrush in her mouth. Does this also cause nappy rash? she has a red swollen bottom with little red pimples on it. where could i purchase the individual products to mix together for the nappy rash?
many thanks

Mommy of 3

Clean babies bottom and make sure its dry of course. BROWN FLOUR IN A SKILLET (not burn)and apply to clean and dry bottom. Also rubbing a small amount of natural peppermint oil on babys tummy is said to help. Also, if child is old enough to drink thinner liquids, chamomile tea works wonder in coherence with flour on the bottom and peppermint oil on tummy or hmm bottom of the feet

Arlene Ayala

What i always use for my grandkids when they have a diaper rash is cornstarch i been using it like about 7 years and i dont have any complain it does wonders even my own kids use it in the summer when they get a rash it really works

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