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Kathy Costello

I'm back! It's been 11 days since I went to a holistic person to get help for my BV (after months of doctor's visits).

She suggested that the problem started in the intestines and has me taking several herbal pills (no douching or adding anything to my vagina). I'm taking Garlic, Oil of oregano, B100, a probiotic and two other herbal pills. I also have continued taking the D3 on my own.

All the pills can be purchased at stores that sell health food (I went to Sprouts). My boyfriend is taking Garlic pills too and we are using condoms while I'm trying to flush this out. So far, so good! Everything seems to be working.

I can give more details if anyone is interested but the overall message is DON'T GIVE UP!! And if any of you have access to a renowned holistic practitioner, you may want to check it out.

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There is a Sprouts by me how much did it all cost. I really need a solution


I can understand how embarrassing this can be. I dreaded using a public restroom. I made an antibacterial solution and now smell fresh as a daisy. Here is my recipe.
10 fresh cloves garlic, 1 whole med onion with skin and 1 cup unfiltered natural vinegar. Add all ingredients to food processor and blend it till it fine. It is okay to add more vinegar if it seems too thick. I then let it sit for two days in the fridge. After two days strain it using cheesecloth. Apply 1 - 2 tsp to vaginal area each night before Bed. Shower the next day as you would normally.


What are the other 2 herbal pills? You didn't say.

Kathy Costello

Sorry, I didn't include everything...

I'm talking 4 garlic capsules a day
2 HCL pills 3x with a meal
4 5HTP pills (this is for the stress)
1 probiotic
1 D3
1 B100 vitamin
and 4 drops of Oil of Oregano 3x a day



How do you take the Oregano Oil? Is it something you drop under your tongue, do you add it to water? I'm very excited to start this new treatment as nothing else works and I really don't like taking drugs and chemicals that doctors push on you without so much as giving you a natural option. I try to go holistic and natural as much as possible, so thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this! :-)

Kathy Costello

The oil of oregano is 2 to 4 drops in 2oz of water. It's warm going down.


How long do you have to take all this stuff for? One month or is this something you have to do every month to keep the BV from coming back? I'm asking because I'm looking at the prices on each item and it's going to be $80 a month for everything. Thanks for the info :-)


Hi, thanks for the herbal recipe. I was curious about the herbal remedies and actually purchased everything you listed. I was just wondering how long did it take for you to see an improvement? I've had this one and off for a few years so the sooner the better :) know that I started yesterday! Its so many vitamins! Its gotta work right!?!

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