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Today is the first day i got my braces and all of my teeth ache and are sore. Ive found that ice cold water helps a bit to relieve the ache but it doesn't last. I went searching through this sight and found this interesting trick, put an ice cube between your left index finger and your middle finger. Strangely it works but it doesn't last very long either. Lastly I'm using aspirin but Motrin can be used to, whichever works best for you.

But still none of these work really well, I would love to hear any idea from other people who have had braces, and who also suffered aches and sores 1 thanks <33

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I used Ibuprofen, orajel & LOTS of wax to alleviate the sores inside my mouth that were forming from the braces rubbing. I massaged my head lots & used ice packs.I tried to relax my jaws often & used tea tree oil as a quick pain relief. I was skeptical but wow did it work!


I had braces. I just took tylenol for my jaw being sore. But when I got my wisdom teeth taken out the only thing I could eat was pumpkin pie. It felt so good because it's soft and cold. I didn't even like it when I was younger. I do now though.


I've had braces and they didn't hurt bad enough to take pain pills. I used the wax once. It's not that bad

Nurse J. :)

I had braces for 3.5 years as a 23 yr old adult , and remember the pain and mouth soreness all too well. Every month when I had them tightened, I couldn't even chew any kind of food, my teeth and gums hurt so bad. So.. for this pain, I learned to take Aleve ( sodium naproxen) BEFORE going in each month for adjusting..I took 2 to start with, then 1 as needed from there on.Stick with soft foods the first day or 2 after tightening.( I lived on milkshakes 2 days a month) Another trick that worked for pain control is to take a dose of Tylenol and a dose of ibuprofen together at the same time(so about 1000mg Tylenol(acetaminophen) and 600 to 800mg Motrin(ibuprofen) together as one dose. Taken together like this, these medications produce what's known as a synergistic effect, providing a somewhat multiplied effect of pain relief , vs either one of these meds taken alone..but dont do this with any other medicines, just ibuprofen and Tylenol unless ok d by your doctor . For the mouth pain, use wax on braces to keep your lips from feeling like they just went thru a meat grinder. A shot or 2 of Chloraseptic will also work briefly, just dont use it too more frequently than what the
label advises For sore throat . Hope this works for u like it did me..

Tylenol(acetaminophen) and 600 to 800mg Motrin (ibuprofen). When taken together like this,

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