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It is very easy for people who have health insurance to say-go to the dentist!I am self employed&pay a ridiculous amt for crappy coverage(no eye/dental)so I understand.If u have the means, obviously go to the dentist.If not, this is what has worked for me:
First, clean your mouth out.Either Listerine or. 50/50 hydrogen peroxide.
Next, I rinse w/ a sea salt/water mixture(also cleanses)
Then I slit the top of a tea bag&empty most of the tea out, leaving maybe 1/2-1tsp in the bag.I then put 1/2-1tsp of minced garlic/oil in the teabag w/tea.Twist the top of bag to make a poultice&snip off any excess bag.Place in mouth on the affected area for as long as u can(at least 10-15 mins)
After you remove poultice, rinse again w/salt water.
Repeat as many times as needed.
If the pain is still bad u can take any pain med/anti inflamitory pill u have&crush it.Mix w/small amt of water&put it on the affected area.
This may sound like overkill, but this regimen has worked for me&none of it can hurt u.Different things work for different people.Id rather use all of the above in this relatively simple regimen,than try one thing at a time to find out which one works while I wallow in pain.Good luck everyone!

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What a load of shit. You fucking pleb, empty a tea bag n fill with garlic. Yeh right.


In response to the person saying ths is a load of shit. Sounds like you do NOT have personal experience with the regimen since you ended with 'yeh right'. So why? just ASSUME? try first. My husband has tried and now found relief, so there. i's a fact that tea bags are an anti-flammatory (used by models under thier eyes for years)and garlic is an antibiotic literally used for centuries by other non prescription dependant countries,so it makes perfect since to me. there is a saying about the word ASS U ME. look it up....


I had a porclain crow put on 5 weeks ago and just 3 days ago I started having excrutiating pain and when strong pain meds dont knock you out completely--trust me you are online trying to find a natural source for relief and I agree--unless you try something DONT knock it! i now have to wait 3 weeks for a root canal and I have found that Pure vanilla works wonders! I also lay my face on the side that hurts on a heating pad. I definately will be trying the garlic regiment, cause it appears (via internet) to work wonders. thank you for the idea on the teabag and the Lord Bless you for caring enough to help those of us out truly suffering from tooth pain.


Thank you very much for your home remedies because it helped a lot!! Don't knock it until you try it! I have heard of these remedies before and I just needed to be reminded. Thanks again!

Dee Roberts

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