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1- eat a pure lemon
2- drink half a cup of vinegar
3- eat 1 table spoon of salt.

this is GUARANTEED to work, i do it all the time, it might be quite painful but its worth it.

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I really think your out off your mind eat!! one table spoon of salt!!! are you joking me and half a cup of vinegar!!!!!!
you are stack crazy i mean bonk-as


WOW...!! you do it every time when you get sore throad then you are gonna die soon..!!


Totally worked man...i skipped the vinegar part though


I tried it and it didn't work well I didn't finished every part if it cuz it was too salty and I felt like puking


I just tried the 1/2 cup vinegar it still a little scratchy but the soarness is gone,I have too keep drinking it I guess for the next 2 days but I think I will be ok.


what if we have no lemons dammit


absoloute bog


uUr nts I just tryed it and I almost just died I puked my brains out my eyes now look like blood balls......


Are you sure this isn't a form of torture?


Gargling with these things (possibly all together) may help you.

Drinking vinegar and eating salt will hurt you.

Please don't try this :)

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