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My doctor prescribed Penlac for my toenail fungus... Needless to say, that was pretty useless. Money & time wasted and no results.

People on this site mentioned applying Tea Tree Oil, which actually worked for me. I trimmed my toenail as much as possible (almost to the point of pain), applied 100% tea tree oil to the affected area once a day using Q-tips, and kept this up for 3 weeks. My toenail healed after a few weeks. It's been a year now and I haven't seen any recurring infection (although I make sure to trim the toenail once a week).

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Where did you get the tea tree oil?


You can get Tea Tree Oil at the drugstore. I got mine at Walgreens in the vitamin section and am trying it out: applying it every morning and evening. I either put bandaids over the nail or put on clean, white cotton socks after applying. Only on the first week.


how bad was your case?

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