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I have been reading through all of your informative posts and wish to thank you for taking the time to advise what works best.

One thing that no-one has mentioned is that your homes, work surfaces, floors, etc., need to be bleached. Bleach is the only cleaning solution that kills ringworm and ringworm can survive for up to 6 mos on surfaces. I thought you should know.

I rescue homeless animals and was somewhat aware of ringworm esp. when handling stray kittens ~ these little babies can be very susceptible to ringworm particularly in an animal shelter environment but it's very treatable/curable and not their fault - starts out by looking like a cigarette burn but can quickly and easily spread if left untreated and can be easily passed to other animals and humans/handlers so always a good idea to wear disposable latex gloves. It's very similar to the athlete's foot fungi so please don't let this stop you adopting from an animal shelter because the kennel staff are very aware of ringworm and watch closely for it.

The kennel staff dip the affected kittens in a sulphur dip but it just takes time (a few weeks) to clear it up.

Remember it can live up to 6 mos on surfaces (floors, door knobs/handles/taps and other surfaces) and the only thing that destroys ring worm in your home environment is bleach. So get to it and bleach your floors, all surfaces that are touched, even the bottom of your shoes ... pure bleach on a cloth but be careful on surfaces that can damage from pure bleach - stainless steel sinks will discolour to black around sides and drain plug if you use concentrated bleach - very hot soapy water with small amount of bleach will prolly take care of sink).

Your clothes should be removed upon entering your home and placed right into the washer on a hot soapy water cycle. Constantly wash your hands in hot soapy water too to prevent ringworm spreading. Leave your shoes outside the door otherwise you can walk ringworm all over your house.

I discovered a small itchy patch on the back of my shoulder so it's been hard to see exactly what it was that was causing me to itch. It's been there a long time and I've tried lots of anti-fungal creams. I also had an itchy area on the top of my arm but no 'red rings' there. I used to suffer from roseacea and was told there was no cure but there is - finacea cream. So I know I have sensitive skin that reacts.

Anyway I tried applying Lotrimin and other anti-fungal creams and sometimes the ring worm would itch and then go crusty as if it was healing but unfortunately it never completely disappeared.

Now today I see in the mirror 3 rings in a line moving down my shoulder. Time to take serious action and annihilate it once and for all.

Just recently I discovered that hydrogen peroxide has helped significantly with the itch on the top of my arm. The ringworm on my shoulder however has been quite stubborn.

I am going to try some of your suggestions (tea tree oil, garlic, lemon, Blue cream, hydrogen peroxide etc.) see how it goes but really appreciate all the feedback. Thank you. Now don't forget to bleach your house thoroughly.

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Make sure u don't have shingles!


I get ringworm because of chlorine to this is not an option either. Hogwash

lord heals2

I watched you tube and found that 1 teaspoon of turpentine ( yes) I know.. and 3 teaspoons of your oil.. baby for outter.. cooking oils at room temperature place in a bowl is the oldest remedy for many illnesses.. start off with 1/2 tp and
Can be made with honey but high speed in a small mixes well ..the man has a show on u tube herbs baths and beads his name is Tony..he's from Canada. I've done many things he shows and I had working on my low immune system... became I'll from infections...
Good luck had that darn worm to..

Ladii Skorpio

Believe it or not, I was told a dab of bleach on the ringworm a few times a day will dry it up.....tried it on a ringworm on my arm...3 days later it was gone and I have never gotten another


Unfortunately, there's no cure for ringworm once you get it. All you can do is treat and help prevent breakouts. Funguses spread sooner than you think and even by treating the 'infected areas', there's no way to entirely locate and kill the fungus that lives in your skin... which I why topical ointments that 'cure' ringworm when used 'two to three times a day' will only kill the fungus in the location it is visible and you are treating. Scam, scam, scam. Where are these incredible scientific discoveries by way of fungal infections? I mean, come on! I literally think that I, as a clean human being, gave my CAT ringworm. Who gives their cat an infection? Anyway,
it always comes back somewhere else and we get desperate and buy creams that only kill the fungus on the surface on our skin.

I've had ringworm for about 3 years... as in it has consistently come back after each 'treatment' because it lives inside my body. Pretty much for good. If you're going to try anything it should only be pills from your doctor that can target and kill (most) of the fungus in your skin. Unfortunately, as consumers in need of occasional 'spot treatment' for inflamed, dry itchy skin that constantly infects other people as you move from place to place throughout the day, we are forced to waste money on product that doesn't work. Maybe we should all just find the best, cheapest and most low maintenance way of preventing severe outbreaks. We should all just get over it and learn to live with ringworm.

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