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Six Seven

My remedy is Apple Cider Vinegar and Tea Tree Oil.

I'm 27 year old female, at first I just saw a few warts on my vagina right outside the lips then it spread to my anus. I had 10 on my vagina and 40-50 on my anus that spread within two weeks.

I read online that sometimes they will just go away on their own, so I waited and that caused my warts to spread like wildfire.

It took me a long time to find this website the first thing I did was a freeze away kit I bought at walgreens, DO NOT DO THIS, It didn't work at all for me! further more it made it harder to get rid of the warts I tried to freeze off!!! DO NOT DO THE FREEZINg KIT!

How I got rid of my warts
Day One: Put Apple Cider Vinegar on a paper towel and put it right on my anus for 2 hours. I also taped balls of paper towels soaked in ACV on the warts I'd tried to freeze off. It did not burn at all but it did make about 20 more warts show very clearly, day one is the worst!
After I washed everything either hydrogen P. DO NOT USE RUBBING alcohol!!
It will fucking burn so bad you want to die. then I put tea tree oil on everything and that really helped sooth, some people on here said it burns their skin but they are Wrong, thats the ACV.

Day Two: Soaked a paper towel and put it on my anus for 2 hours, On day two this burned but its worth it! I made sure to wipe with only Hydrogen peroxide everytime. so I wouldn't be spreading any more warts around.

Day Three: Vagina and Anus very sore and raw, keep applying tea tree oil to help with the pain and for the cooling effect. I put ACV on for 15 mins in the morning and once at night. After my night treatment all the warts just fell right off.

Day four: Only have 3 warts left on anus
but all the ones on my vagina are still there. all of the warts I tried to freeze off are taking WAY longer to fuck off. I can tell the AVC is working but slowly!

I hope they are all gone soon!

day 6: I tried to put AVC on my anus to burn off the rest of the warts but the already burn skin reacted VERY poorly! I have HUGE welts and its not pretty, I would say anyone that has any left over warts needs to wait until all the skin is healed up or you will be dealing with cracking, bleeding sores.

I was lucky enough to take it off right away but I can tell the damage would have been horrible if I did the entire 15 mins!

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For those who say ACV doesn't work... Maybe it didn't work for you. ACV has worked for me, before trying it I had 16 warts around my vagina. I've been doin this treatment for 8 days and the little ones went away fast I only have 4 left and they are almost gone. I'm now starting this treatment on my anus and it's working. It may work for some and it may not for others. So far it's worked for me and I feel relieved! I thought I would have to live with those things forever but now I'm pretty much clear! Yay!


All the comments saying this doesn't work look like spam trying to sell other pharmaceuticals.

I'm a 20yo female and I've no idea how I got these delightful things, I've never had sex without a condom, but here they are!

I've been agonising about going to the doctor or clinic because it's so embarrassing, such a stigma is attached and the name of it alone just makes me want to die.

ANYWAY, I've tried the ACV / Tea Tree Oil / l-lysine as suggested here for the past couple of days and amazingly I've just been able to pull off a couple of the small bastards. Others have flared up slightly, some have gone dark like dried blood and shrunk away. But they're going one way or another!

When I first applied the ACV it straight away turned them all white and showed me just how bad it was, even brought out all the small ones I hadn't seen. The ACV burns at first and does burn more the second/third time but stick with it! The are got pretty tender after having the ACV on it but I'm just glad they're going.

Whoever put this original comment, thank you, you made me actually believe this would work and do it myself.

Some of them are pretty intimate so it's hard to spot-treat them without burning the whole area, but I'm getting there. It's worth the effort to get rid of the damn things!

I'm going to continue with the ACV until they're all gone, and I'll comment here if I find any further progress, side effects or otherwise.

Anyway - it works, do it and good luck!


I'm doing the ACV treatment and it IS working. Very well. I'm on day two and most have turned black. I soak a folded paper towel and shove about half inch into the anus, and the rest flares out to cover about a 2-inch radius. This is funny... then I put on a Depends diaper thing so it won't leak onto clothes, furniture, etc. I leave it on most of the day, will occasionally apply a new resoaked towel, then at night I stick dry toilet paper up there, but will try that gauze stuff that absorbs but doesn't stick.

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