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Hi all, i know this won't seem like the greatest of advice, and i understand this isn't a 'home remedy', but the best thing i can suggest is to go to your local GUM clinic whenever a recurrence occurs, and to ask for Acyclovir. It can be bought online, for a small fortune, if you fancy taking the risk with dodgy online meds, but it's free of charge from any GUM clinic.

Admittedly it can be embarrassing having to show a doctor the affected area, but it's quick, it's painless, and, in my experience, they never hesitate to offer the tablet. Usually it'll be a small 5 day course - 3 tablets a day - but, if you suffer repeatedly, they offer suppression courses which range from 3 to 9 months - 2 tablets a day.

It's a fast acting tablet - usually within a day the symptoms will be on the wane, and the pain tends to fade extremely quick too.

Whilst you're taking the tablets you'll feel perfectly 'normal', and will forget you've even got the virus. Truly, they're a god send. About the only time i can have a normal sex-life is during a suppression course.

If you haven't done so already, try it. As a fellow HSV-2 sufferer, i cannot recommend it highly enough.

Experience: 27 year old, 3 year sufferer of HSV-2, with 'the worst case she's ever seen' in the words of one doctor!

Keep your chins up people - acyclovir makes it all better.

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Hi.. I am 28 yrs old, been suffering from hsv 2 for 8 yrs.. its hard and tough..bottom line. i tried acyclovir back in 2006 and it made me sicker at the time so i left it alone. since then i have tried everything from herbal treatments, oxygen therapy, lysine, topicals like dynamiclear, but nothing seems to help. so i just ordered some valacyclovir generic valtrex to see will this at least suppress it. because i have an outbreak so many times out of a year till i lose count. i ordered the pills from a company online and hoping they are legit because i am going threw a bad outbreak right now. the pills are 500mg and a 30 day supply.. so how often should i take them to try suppression therapy

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