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I just wanted to share my experience. About a year ago I noticed a bubble under the skin on my thumb. It turned out to be a planter wart (I know usually your feet but you can get them on your thumb and of course I was one of the lucky ones that did)

Over the course of the next year I tried every remedy you could think of.. Banana Peel, Vinegar, Asprin, Vitamin C Pills crushed up, Duct tape, freeze away remover, sac acid and more and nothing worked. Finally for a completely unrelated reason I started taking a probiotic. I believe the brand was nature made and it had a multivitamin in with the probiotic. I took one every night and within literally two-three weeks it was gone. It stopped hurting which is was excruciating. I couldn't put any pressure on it and it was gross looking. Once I started taking the probiotic it started looking like a cut, then it turned to a scab, then one day i just pulled it off and it healed and has not been back since. So if you are like I was and completely fed up with it, try the probiotic. Like I said i think it was nature made probiotic+multivitamin in one.

Good Luck!

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I have one on my thumb that showed up the same way!!


It was so random and so annoying! Try this if you still have it.. I was so happy after messing with it and trying everything for a year. Good Luck!

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