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Im 24 and just a few months ago was diagnosed with herpes. I had it on my face but contracted it one time being off my face and touched my face then moisturised down their. A few days later i had a painful sore. After i found out i wanted too die. I crashed my car amd took a while to get used too it. I get outbreaks every now and then. I live on VALTREX very expensive.. But i can urinate without it hurting.. I still get sores i just hope they find a cure , and i now dont judge people because herpes can happen to ANY one. Be careful because its fucked no one deserves this pain

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U are so right no one deserve herpes! Im praying 4 a cure in a year they say they close. they may have some useful info that may help u. And their is chats rooms. God bless



Not to be an idiot, but do you get them on the inside walls, are they visible to see, does it itch, I kept looking for signs and it noted painful urniation, which never affected me, then I realized that they were noting generic signs for both genders,, I can imagine that would be very painful for a woman, how much does the valtrex cost, and have you tried any other remedies, and how are you with your partners in breaking the news,,, do you what to know them, or tell them up front,, thanks,, W


I'm in my 50s and have had this horrible virus for about 15 years. I am married and my husband was very understanding, telling him was the hardenst thing I ever did. I take the vitamin regimine suggested at the top of this conversation. I have been taking the vitamins for less than two weeks and just started with an outbreak, I took valtrex and after one day no pain, no sore! I'm not thrilled about taking the valtrex but living pain and sore free right now is wonderful. I do hope and pray and cry for a cure soon. It seems the scientists made great strides with HIV/AIDS one would think they could do the same for herpes!

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