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Make yourself throw up. it opens your brain for oxygen, instant fix. From years of severe migraines and imitrex being so expensive this works the best.

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Throwing up does not alleviate my migraines. :-( Once my migraine proceed to vomiting stage, I can expect to throw up most of the day and may as well lay next to the toilet for the day. :-(


Throwing up is a by product of my migraines and I will be sick at least 4 or 5 times - the worst was about 9 or 10 in one day! I have heard a lot of people say that once they get to the vomiting stage there migraines go - doesn't work for me though!


it does work 4 me every well nd it gives instant relieve coupled wit lying in a dark room wit eyes close. i dnt trust drugs bcs they all av side effects

damian esparza

ive been suffering from migraine headaches for bout thirty years and making myself throw up does work but not all the time especially when you get more than one type of migraine.i get four different kinds of migraines and have different ways of treating each finally going to start writing down in q journal so if any one knows how to get free journals in the mail please let me know,, thx


While this does not make my migraines go away, it does give me some relief. I usually throw up on my own anyway but it takes a long time and a lot of nausea.


Been in my first full blown migraine attack for 29 hours now and have vomited 4 times. Still miserable and can't sleep. Cold towel wrapped all around head and back of neck - that's the only thing I'm able to find a slight relief from. As soon as the towels get warm, my head is throbbing again. Nothing really makes it go away.


This is an asanine "remedy". Vomiting does nothing for the pain and will in fact not only hurt WORSE, but cause pain and damage to your esophagus, mouth and nose.

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