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Kat W

Mix 100% pineapple juice and lemon juice and drink this mixuture until your period stops. You will notice a decrease in heavy bleeding immediately. Continue this remedy until it stops, It worked for me and I have anemia so I had to stop the blood loss. Also it made my period more manageable by drinking this mix. Hope this helps you as well as it did me,

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Problem with this suggestion for me... I'm allergic to pineapple


Ok I been on my pried for about 4week on and of and tonight was my first time trying this I hope it work


I had a uterine ablation a couple of years ago for heavy periods but it did not work. Heavy periods made it difficult for me to work without changing pads and tampons every hour. I had to set an alarm to wake up and change during the night. Ladies the pineapple and lemon juice really works and has made my life do much easier!


...I drunk the mix of 3/4 parts pineapple bio juice and 1/4 part freshly squeezed lemons yesterday I have light spotting but continue to drink it,already 2 times...I am afraid to say that I have managed it because I have struggle the last 17 days a lot...but I really hope it is deep within my heart...thank to the author of the post and also thank to all of you who tried before me and who gave me hope!!!!...lets your life be blessed and happy!!!!....


Hello ladies. After your bleeding has stopped how long after do you continue to drink this? I'm 30 and have been bleeding since August 30th. I had a Hysterscopy done on Oct 15 and the Dr cortorized 10-12 vessels from my fibroids. The bleeding stopped for a day and continued. This is my second day and the bleeding is down to nothing but I'm scared to stop drinkin this.

Alicia N.

I tried this mixture as well and it worked... Heavy bleeding to where I couldn't move without ruining my clothes! Thank you so much for sharing this!


This might help explain why the pineapple juice works so well.


OMG the pineapple juice and lemon juice mixture works! I am 50 years old and I did not her my period for the past two months. This has happened on and off for the past year or so then my period comes back. This time it came back with a vengeance! I got it for seven days but was pretty light. Then it was gone for almost an entire day and boom here it is again! Day eight was a little more than light. Day nine through 12 moderate flow. Day 13 and 14 was heavy. It was bright red the second week. I was getting a little concerned. Today is the 14th day that I've had my period! Ugh! I woke up exhausted and feeling dizzy. An internet search brought me to this site. I was worried that I was becoming anemic. The signs were there. So I took one Alieve this morning and headed to the store. No organic pineapple juice or lemon juice! So I bought what I could find (from concentrate). I also got iron pills. I drank one glass of about 1/4 cup lemon juice mixed with 3/4 100% pineapple juice. Within a hour I had no bleeding nor all afternoon! I also did nothing else all day! Now it's about 7:30 pm and I have had some bleeding so took another Alieve and drinking my second glass of the juice mixture. FYI I used a little less lemon juice this time. Tastes much better! I am keeping my fingers crossed that this works. I don't currently have health insurance so going to the doc is not an option at this point. I, also, took an iron pill,at lunch. Forgot to mention that. Thank you for the information as it appears to work! I think lemon juice and pineapple juice may become my new best friends! :).


I posted two days ago and wanted to add an update. After 7 days of a light period, then another 7 of moderate to heavy toward day 13-14, I wanted to say the lemon juice and pinapple, along with an alieve every 12 hours and a iron pill at lunch has worked. I don't know which one worked the best and I dont' care as long as it has. Today is day 16 and I did the above for the past two days. Today I have only had a tiny bit of bleeding once. I am continuing the 3/4 cup pineapple juice and about 1/4 cup lemon juice which I drank 3x's a day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Oh yesterday my flow got a bit heavier just before drinking my dinner time tonic. So I added one more home remeady I found on another sight. It was 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar mixed with 9 oz of water. I added honey (the web site said add honey or sugar to taste) and drank. I have to admit it was nasty but I did not have any bleeding all night so I am not sure if this or the pineapple/lemon juice mixture worked but I did not care. I planned on doing the apple cider vinegar again today if needed but I have not needed too. Good luck all and thank you for posting your ideas and what has worked for you!


what do you mean by 100% pineapple juice? can we add water to pineapple to make juice or not?

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