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Kat W

Mix 100% pineapple juice and lemon juice and drink this mixuture until your period stops. You will notice a decrease in heavy bleeding immediately. Continue this remedy until it stops, It worked for me and I have anemia so I had to stop the blood loss. Also it made my period more manageable by drinking this mix. Hope this helps you as well as it did me,

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Dezy Again

The point of Ibuprofen over Lemon Juice is the fact it regulates and safely slows down the bleeding instead of cutting your period off abruptly (something your body naturally goes through as a female) you shouldn't play with your menstrual cycle by cutting it off. I hope some of you ladies listen. Let your flow do its thing, but if its heavy just use Ibuprofen.

Dezy That's Stupid

Ladies, you may want to avoid taking 1200 mg of Ibuprofen/day, during your cycle or otherwise, if you don't want to have gastrointestinal issues in the future/exacerbate existing ones.

Those with ulcers may want to dilute this mix with water, as the acid/enzymes, in a concentrated mix, could cause discomfort. It would probably be a good thing to rinse the mouth out with water & drink a little water, after the concentrated mix, to keep the acid from damaging tooth enamel & the acid/enzymes from making the mouth and throat raw. Organic fruit/juice may be the best option, if you can get it, to potentially avoid any effects of pesticides.

Anyways, thank God for the OP who shared this. Who knew that these two common fruits would have this beneficial effect & help SO MANY out of their misery? Sometimes you don't need a pill, you just need REAL FOOD.


Not stupid at all, this is why the problem is never corrected. If you're smart enough just ask your doctor and get proper treatment. Not all home remedies are the best and this is one of them.


Thank you dezy! it worked for me and my gyno actually told me its ok to take ibuprofen the days of bleeding only and my periods are now back to normal.


Back in March I was going on a cruise my periods had been intense and heavy and lasting over 7 days. I came upon this article and tried it. It worked my period started on tues I dod this mix and ot was gone by Friday. From then on it has been pretty good and ontime. I am trying again cause I am back to 8 days and it really bothers me.


I've tried it and it has reduced the flow significantly.


I guess the depression from the blood loss is starting to sink in so I hope this works. I'm on my second cup within a few hours apart and for some reason it seems as if im bleeding more. I hope all the blood is rushing out and then it will stop, if not I probably go to the doctor given im already anemic myself. I want a baby so no way will I ever opt for a hysterectomy.


I have had heavy periods since I started my first one. I have anemia and have had to have blood transfusions 4 units the 1st time and 2 the 2nd time but lately they have been getting worse the cramps are almost unbearable and its going on three months heavy bleeding so hopefully this works because I don't want to spend another three days in the hospital.


Does anyone know how many glasses a day & how often?


I am 36 years old,and have had the worst, no exaggeration, the worst periods my whole life, since I was 11. Terrible cramping, constant heavy flow but just barely within the guidelines of 1 super plus tampon or 1 overnight pad per hour. I've had the Paragaurd IUD for 11 years now and the nurse practitioner told me that it would stay effective until 2021. I chose that method because I prefer to keep things as natural as possible. I knew that my cycle would still be miserable, and have tried other forms of birth control such as pills, the patch, the depo shot. While on the shot, I bled/spotted every day for a year. Ive never been pregnant or had a miscarriage. However, once in 2002, when I was 22 years old, I had an extreme loss of blood and had to get an infusion of 4 pints of blood. They had no explanation for it, and called it Abnormal Bleeding, saying "It happens". They started me on another birth control pill while I was in the hospital, and If that wasn't going to work they were going to do a DNC. Luckily it stopped the bleeding and I haven't had an incidence like that since. In 2013, during a yearly exam, the doctor found a large fibroid on my uterus, and said that lots of women have these, that this condition is fairly common and it could be partially responsible for the heavy periods. I was ordered to get an ultrasound just to be safe, and it was in fact a benign, non-cancerous tumor or polyp stemming from cystic fibrosis. Since then, I have noticed that my periods are usual; with terrible PMSD and fatigue, very, very, bloody with a few large clots, and painful cramps but they are always the same. Up until recently, they occur like clockwork, the mood swings and pms symptoms start about 19 to 20 days in and last the duration, and the bleeding starts at the 21st day, "lighter" at first, the flood gates open, dibilitating for about 4-5 days and letting up around 27 or 28 days. This means that from about half of my life so far, I live with misery and pain. Good times. Thanks God. Just saying. Now after having been off of booze and on crystal meth for 2 years strong, there is a new development. I had a late period almost 2 months ago, and I've been bleeding with large blood clots all day, every day for 6 weeks. Again, just enough to be within the guidelines of "not an emergency". I think I'm dying. I'm going to start drinking lemon juice concentrate and taking ib profen for a couple days. If it doesn't work, I'll have to go to the ER so they can guess what's wrong with me. Wish me luck.

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