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Kat W

Mix 100% pineapple juice and lemon juice and drink this mixuture until your period stops. You will notice a decrease in heavy bleeding immediately. Continue this remedy until it stops, It worked for me and I have anemia so I had to stop the blood loss. Also it made my period more manageable by drinking this mix. Hope this helps you as well as it did me,

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I'm in the same boat as most of you ladies. I'm 50 & have uterine fibroids. I was suffering with long heavy periods a couple of years ago, lasting anywhere from a week to three weeks. Early last year, my monthly period was "normal" for a few months, then I had no period for 2 months straight (menopause ?) well then it began again! My periods are now 3 weeks long with maybe a 10 day break inbetween. I'm currently on my 14th day of my period! I just tried this drink mixture this morning & am truly hoping this works!


My friend Jessie had bought me this remedy after my 14th day of bleeding.

this is the best , my bleeding decreased after my third glass!!!!


After bleeding for almost three weeks I was desperate and willing to try anything. I went to my OBG but couldn't really tell me why I'm was bleeding for a long period of time. So I tried this remedy on Monday and it is now Thursday and my period is almost completely gone. I used 1 small can of dole pineapple juice and 1 lemon mixed together. I feel that it works for me


I am the same as most of you, heavy periods since high school, now I am 54 with two fibroid tumors, small, and I bleed so heavily that I have to make sure to be close to the bathroom for the first 3 days of a 10 day period. My doctor prescribed a medication to slow the flow that isn't even designed for this problem. It never occurred to me that it was OK to do something like that, so I thought of checking into natural remedies as I prefer not to take medication. The first day I didn't have pineapple juice so I drank lemon ginger tea with juice of 1/2 a lemon and 1/2 teaspoon powdered cinnamon (Used it twice in 4 hours). It cut the bleeding in 1/2 in less than an hour. This morning- 4th day I tried the 1/4 cup pineapple juice and 1/4 cup lemon juice. My period has almost stopped on the 4th day. I feel like crying. I'm going to try it next month and see how it goes. If it continues to work, I'm going to let my doctor know about it as well.


Hi Ladies, I have also been having a drawn out cycle. This is about the third time in about 5-6 years. I will be trying the lemon and pineapple juice to stop my current flow. Also, here is an article in regards to the what the concoction actually does to the body. Please read. Thanks to the young lady that posted originally. God Bless. MC


I probably over did this remedy as initially I did have a very good response. However the next day I was gushing and ended up in hospital. I think if you have fibroids or gynecological issues then this is not the remedy for you. Bromelain in pineapple is an anti coagulant and a blood thinner... Which proved for me to be a disaster. 2 teaspoons of Apple cider vinegar and a lemon squeezed in water does help though. While the pineapple and lemon may work for some there should be a warning for others. Also a little is probably good. More is not better.


Its works


Crossing my fingers this works. My periods have always been heavy but I liked it because they were over in 2-3 days. But the last few have been crazy heavy (credit-card sized globs in the toliet, pads totally saturated with bright red fresh blood). Gushes that used to only happen in the morning after lying down all night, happening all day. Unable to leave the house. Last month I was dehydrated, dizzy, anemic, light headed, breathless, zero energy, nauseated, and I ruined three pairs of pants and my pajamas. I am about to go on a long vacation overseas next week and just about desperate at the thought of that happening again this month. I had fresh pineapple in the house and bottled lemon juice so I put those in the Vitamix and drank a very strong smoothie and then settled in to read the rest of the comments. Am taking ibuprofen and reacted (raw) iron as well. Will report back if it works. If it does you will have saved the trip of a lifetime for me.


I have been bleeding for three weeks straight. It was light, then heavy, then light, then medium flows. I have only had abnormally long periods twice before this(2 1/2 weeks and 2 weeks), both within the past year. I am on day 3 of trying the pineapple/lemon juice mixture plus taking a couple Advil a day. It does seem to have slowed the bleeding a lot to just heavy spotting. I'm going to keep going and see if it continues to get better.


Don't try this method if you want children in the near future. While this does work it's not safe and it only brings back the same problem the following month and all that does is damage your body. Get checked out and take Ibuprofen the day of your period until it stops. I started with 800 mg twice a day but I felt it was too much so I took 600 mg twice a day and it slowed my bleeding down, so I continued to take it until my period was gone. It worked like provera and now im waiting to see if my cycle return back to normal.

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