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Kat W

Mix 100% pineapple juice and lemon juice and drink this mixuture until your period stops. You will notice a decrease in heavy bleeding immediately. Continue this remedy until it stops, It worked for me and I have anemia so I had to stop the blood loss. Also it made my period more manageable by drinking this mix. Hope this helps you as well as it did me,

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Thank you so much for this remedy, ive been suffering for as long as i can remember ive tried everything but nothing seem to work and i came across this post and i must say it really worked, i started drinking it yesterday and last night i slept so well didnt have to wake up to change the pad and to check if ive messed up the sheets. Thank you thank you so very much..the flow is not heavy anymore, i will keep drinking the juice till it stops,


I tried this as well, I have periods that are irregular, that won't stop, very, very heavy and clumping, as they call it. I decided to try a few home remedies yesterday, so not sure which one is doing the work, but I'll tell you what I did. Picked up Black Cohash and took two pills at around 4 pm. Took an Iron pill at the same time. Read that Ibuprofen can greatly reduce bleeding, so took an 800 mg Ibuprofen at about 7 pm. Also, read this, so I mixed up 3/4 pineapple juice with 1/4 lemon juice, threw some crushed ice in there and drank it before bed. Don't know if it was the combination of what I took or one thing, but my period went from wearing both a pad and tampon and changing the soaked tampon every 30 minutes to every 2 hours -- to a drop, a spot and that's it. Can't believe it! Last night, I never had to wear a pad at all and almost nothing on the tampon this morning. Now it's lunchtime and I checked the progress at 10 am and again, almost nothing on the tampon. Awesome--many thanks!


How often you drink it


What if you're allergic to pineapple?


Good morning ladies. I'm a 27 year old Nigerian(on my mothers side)/ African American woman. Recently I found out I have a few fibroids on both ovaries as well as the lining of my uterus. My flow has always been heavy since starting at age eleven, but I assumed it was just natural. I've tried several different remedies to attempt to ease my symptom of heavy bleeding but none worked. This morning I bled through my clothing on to my bed sheet (we've all done it a time or two) and that's when I decided to come to this site. As we speak I'm getting dressed to go to a grocery store for pineapple juice and a lemon. I'll repost in tomorrow with the results. Thank you so much for this. It seems like it's working for a lot of women and I hope I can be added to that list. Have a wonderful day ladies -Lyric


I was really hoping this would work for me as I'm severely anemic now. Unfortunately I'm among the few unlucky ones for whom this didn't work. I drank the mixture 3 times yesterday and I'm taking iron supplements as well. But I didn't see any change in my flow. Anyway happy for those whom this remedy worked.


Thanks dear it really works.


Was going insane. Post 50, perimenapausal. No cycle for 5 months. Then it started, and at 4 weeks (of bleeding) was VERY heavy flow with large clots :-(. Saw this post and tried it. Heavy flow stopped in 24 hrs. Total flow stopped in a few days. Would love to know why but it works!


My cousin birthday party is on Monday and I'm bleeding so heavy and I don't want to discuss or disappointing a six year old boy so I'm trying I hope for the best


Oh my god!!! This really works. Last month I missed three days of work due to excessive bleeding. This month, I bought a can of 100% pineapple juice and added four freshly squeezed lemon juice. I drank a ten ounce glass, and within an hour I could see a difference. It did not stop my period, but the flow was less than half of what I usually deal with. My period lasted only five days instead of eight to ten. I drank one or two glasses of this mix for four days. I hope this helps other women.

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