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Kat W

Mix 100% pineapple juice and lemon juice and drink this mixuture until your period stops. You will notice a decrease in heavy bleeding immediately. Continue this remedy until it stops, It worked for me and I have anemia so I had to stop the blood loss. Also it made my period more manageable by drinking this mix. Hope this helps you as well as it did me,

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I didnt have heavy bleeding just bleeding for more than 10 days,,,drank this yesterday evening en this morning but no difference..still light bleeding


Can't believe it, I've suffered excessive bleeding for years losing up to one pint and half each month, I've been very anaemic and had to have iron injections. Then last week the doctor said enough is enough and prescribed me something to stop the bleeding (I don't like taking drugs).

Then came across this site, I've had the juice from a lemon and topped up with double the amount of pineapple juice and bleeding is much within couple hours and almost stopped after 4 days.

Hope it works again next month

By the way does anyone know the theory about how this works?

kinda worried

I have been bleeding for two weeks (my first time to experience it) and I am only 20. I tried this but I used pure pineapple juice instead and it works!

But after 3 days I saw some blood again and immediately wore pads but it was just very light and stopped on the same hour.

After 3 days I am having it again and I guess I have to drink it again (or maybe I am just tired plus the climate is soooo hot that makes my cycle abbormal).


I have two small fibroids and the doctors have said that I should get them removed, but then a dear friend of mine had gone through something similar few years back and was not guided well by the doctors and she had to get a hysterectomy, well she told please first try natural healing so I have been checking on the internet I did try the AVC and blackstrap molasses for almost two months and then I stopped taking it, I think it did work a bit as I would get my periods for 9 day before my fibroids I used to get my periods for just 5 days and was so good and then I use to bleed for 15 days, it was a nightmare this time my periods started on 27 March with 1st two days of just slight bleeding and the 3rd and 4th day was really heavy (this has been the usual since I have had my fibroids) and now it’s 8 april and I am still bleeding with clots, so I did start yesterday afternoon to take AVC ( Apple Cider Vinegar – 2tblsp with 2tbsp of water ) will take one now today as recommended on earth clinic website to take 3 times during your menstrual cycle

As I was going thought some of these websites I stumble upon my home remedies and read through a lot of the ladies testimonies that the pineapple + lemon juice which works wonders, so I went and got myself at 11:40am the juice and will get one later at 3pm and 6pm so let see if this will help me

As this time I am having clotting and it’s not a nice thing to see and scars the shit out, so I am hoping this remedies will work for me too as it has worked for so many of you out here


so Yesterday I started with;

Pineapple + lemon Juice ( 3 times)
AVC and water (2tblsp each 3 times)
also read that coriander seeds 20gms boiled in 2cups of water helps to reduce the heavy bleeding so did that 2 times and I have seen quite a bit of change in the flow of my period, but when I woke up the flow was the same since then until now its 15:54 09 Apr I am just spotting

ohh and I have also been taking Floradix - liquid iron and vitamin formula plus liquid omega 3 Fish oil
so I am guessing all these components have helped

I will be continuing to have all of the above going forward so that this bleeding should normalized

so let see if the bleeding start or stops soon

many thanks for all your comments I will keep posting my progress


I hope this works! I can't enjoy my vacation if I have heavy periods.


It works!!!!!! I was bleeding so much that I had to use poise pads. Big clots were coming out. I have had this happen before but I have been taking red raspberry leaf capsules & black cohosh capsules throughout the day for several months & it seemed to help regulate me. (By the way this was brought on by depo shot I took for about a year 15 years ago & then again for about a year 10 years ago. My period has never been the same.) I read on here about the lemon juice & pineapple juice & I made a 50/50 ratio with a fresh lemon & some organic pure pineapple juice from Sprouts(whole foods would have it I'm sure) I still was bleeding but less for about an hour but the 2nd hour was a trickle. I went to bed with a Super Plus tampon & a poise pad just in case but I didn't even fill the super plus tampon!!! TMI I know but I want you guys to know! I've been taking the juice of 1 lemon 1/4c & 1/4c pineapple juice twice a day. Plus a half serving in between. I feel like I need to keep it steady in my system. I've done this for the past 4days after. & have a normal period or spotting since. I hope this helps some one! I understand how depressing it can get.


Additional info: I did start taking Raw iron at the same time I started the lemon & pineapple.


pls tell me how much quantity of lemon and pineapple need to make this mix,and how much can I drink in a day?plz


I would like to faithfully thank whoever posted this. The beginning of this year have not been good to me when it comes down to periods. I am 25-years-old and bleed for 1-2 months at a time and I am also Anemic and on Iron pills. I have tried a lot of things and started using only concentrated 100% lemon juice (I don't have pineapple juice) and my heavy period have slowed down so much, almost close to stopping and I am only a few hours in. I plan on continuing. Glad this is working for others as well. I drink a half a cup of lemon concentrated juice with no water. It's so nasty but so worth it...

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