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Kat W

Mix 100% pineapple juice and lemon juice and drink this mixuture until your period stops. You will notice a decrease in heavy bleeding immediately. Continue this remedy until it stops, It worked for me and I have anemia so I had to stop the blood loss. Also it made my period more manageable by drinking this mix. Hope this helps you as well as it did me,

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Hi my period is delay 15 days i cheked pregnancy test both urine and blood it was negative.when they start it was normal after 6 days heavy bleeding start and blood clots doctor gave me tranxzmic acid tablet for 4 days blood clots finished but bleeding continue then after 25 days my bleeding did nt stop and doctor refer me for ultrasound in the meanwhkle bcaz ultrasound appoinyment is after 3weeks so doc gave me northisteron that is aftificial progestron .bleeding syop aftrr using tab 3 days.its 10 day course when course finished 2 days later bleeding wd clots starts .Inshort bleeding continue till ultrasound and my ultrasound was ok.nothing found.smear test hormones every thing iz i used this pine apple and lemon juice remedy my period lightens with in 2 days and finished in 6 dayz.Now periods r normal.God bless u for giving us this remedy.


Hey my situation is not good as well i have been bleeding for 7 months yes 7 i couldnt handle it anymore so i started researching. And found this. It works for reals. I was in sooo much pain and crying all the time bc i had blisters from wearing. Pads for.7 months straight . yaya im so happy now thank u


Does this technic stop it for this month only or for years?

Need to stop bleeding

I had high hopes but this did NOT work for me. :(
I've been bleeding for a month since i've had my Mirena IUD removed. Heavy periods that almost sent me to get a transfusion 2 weeks ago. I'm now having another period and it's heavy as well. I tried the pineapple and lemon juice mix (equal parts) and it had no effect.Drank 20 oz yesterday and 20 this morning.Still bleeding and clots like crazy.


I am so thankful to have found this tip. And yes, I have tried it and yes, it works. I will say that I used fresh pineapple and fresh squeezed lemon juice, put in the blender. Made a large batch and then stored in the fridge to drink throughout the day. Slowed my insanely heavy periods (like hemmoraghing with clots, etc.) down to a 'normal' period. After suffering on the birth control pill, my next step would have been surgery! Bless you for this smart healthy tip. Try it, you wont be sorry.


When I read this post it sounded completely ridiculous to me but I am a big believer in foods for nutritional/health purposes. I too suffer from very heavy periods that go for 7 days every month. I was on day 3 which usually has tons of clotting and after soaking a super plus tampon and pad, I figured I would try anything. I drank about 16oz of mixed juice 3/4 pineapple 1/4 lemon juice and after a few hours my period was slowing down and within 5 or 6 hours it had completely stopped! I wore a tampon to bed just in case and the next morning not a drop of blood! I am not sure how healthy it is to completely stop your period every month from a hormone standpoint and additionally pineapple is very very high in manganese which can be a toxic mineral (there are only 3 potentially toxic minerals when large doses are ingested) but if you do it in moderation then it might be ok. PS - my period came back the following day but the bleeding was significantly reduced and only lasted for one day.


Hi Im having period I'm going to try pineapple and lemons but will like to know can I use lemons or it have to be the juice


I searched this site because I was having a cycle from hell. I got the 100% Pineapple Juice & Lemon Juice. I mixed 3/4 Pineapple Juice, 1/4 Lemon Juice and I've been sipping on it.will update how it helps.... Thanks to KAT D for sharing this remedy.. Will update soon.


Well I don't know about just the juice...but the juice combined with iron will vastly improve bodily absorption of iron-- vitamin c is known to do this.


most of them start this juice today or tomorrow months before ......nothing about result.!!?

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