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Dry Socket:

I have been in homeopathic medicine for years. I make a dry socket paste out of Bentonite Clay and Clove oil.
The clay will help pull out any infection you might have going on and the Clove oil will help relieve the pain and calm the inflammation in the nerves. Pack the socket with the paste mixture and place gauze over it, leaving the gauze in as long as you can (it does not have to be a big piece just enough to allow the paste to settle deep in the socket) You can get the clay at any health food store. It will start the healing process within the week.

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do you change the paste/gauze every day?


I had no idea that this thing clled dry socket even existed. I had the remaining 7 teeth in my mouth removed on stranger to dental hell...I never experienced such pain. I have been having my teeth extracted over the last year. The final seven produced pain I had never experienced before when I went to a local dental school but alas!....when I got dental insurance recently, I went to a private dentist. Bad move....

I called the dental office yesterday...and again response! I can't believe it! But thank God for the Internet and this web site....

To make a long story short, I used the Red Cross kit tonight (Friday) and RELIEF! Not total but enough to get me through the night...

Will be going to the ER at the Hospital at the Dental School in the morning...for follow up but I just wanted to testify that the Red Cross solution has helped a great deal with the pain!

Thank You Lord! This pain is like another poster's worse than labor!


Where do I get bentonite clay and clove oil and how much oil do I mixo

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