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Hello buddies.. Am a bi who contacted anal watts thru unprotected anal sex. At first i was ignorant n didn't think d funny stuff on my anus were anal watts until a frnd wntd to fuck me n saw them thr. I was so worried n depressed about it for 5months without having d faintest idea on what to do since i had no money which made seeing a doctor less an option. Few weeks i stumbled on dis site n read all d remedies provided. Like i said, i had no money, so acv n d rest were not options aswell. I decided to settle for one amazin n easy to get remedy i read about. Indeed it worked wonders. SOLUTION: first, clean the anal area wit methylated spirit,then put some toothpaste(any wud do buh i used Oral-B) ur index finger n rub on d anal area, dip into d anus if watts are inside the anus.after this,put some methylated dusting powder on toilet paper n place thr. Leave it for the whole day n repeat process after shower @ nite. The watts should b completely gone within one week. Also use antibiotics i.e ampiclox, one per day then proper diet wit enough fruits.. I bet u wud b smiling seven days time. Am xoxo happy i hav my sweet ass back to be sucked. No more unprotectd sex!!! Big tanx to u all... Mmmmmmwaah.

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zoe, from Nigeria

Thanks a lot @ xoxo for this solution u gave. Presently, am doing the process on my warts and I look forward for a brighter smile and laughter after the process.

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