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My provider arrived today with a terrible toothache, and a swollen cheek over the upper molar offender. I looked at a lot of the treatments here, at least 25, and kept seeing a clove of garlic mixed with very warm water and large amount of salt. We decided to try it. I heated a half a cup of purified water, added minced garlic - a half teaspoon - and mixed in good tablespoon and a half of ground sea salt. Had my provider soak a cotton ball in the mixture and place over her tooth (squeezed out SOME of the salt water first and made sure some garlic bits were on the tooth-side of the cotton ball). Within a few minutes her pain was subsiding, and her tooth, jaw and cheek were COMPLETELY pain free after 3 treatments!! (She kept the salty, garlic soaked cotton ball on her tooth for just a few minutes each time.) I wouldn't have believed it, had I not seen it!!! My provider arrived in agony, and went home in peace!!!

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this worked. :)


by heated you mean hy stove or microwave?


This is my second time trying this..the first time was earlier..but it it's throbbing..uggh I need more remedies to try..I'm up for Anything


Thank you, i can't take the pain anymore. It's only been a few hours but I'm tempted to just rip it outta my head in the hopes itd feel better. Garlic doesn't burn or anything right? I can't take anymore even temporary pain


OMG! I cannot believe how well this worked. Throbbing is gone after one treatment. I couldn't eat/put any pressure on the tooth for days. Still feels like a little tender, but not painful like before. I'm starving! :)


Was in so much pain from a broken tooth. Even a Percocet didn't help. I would have tried anything! My tooth stopped throbbing before five minutes was up. Hot water felt much better, once the mixture cooled I reheated in microwave. Thank god the pain is gone. AMAZING!


I do not believe in home remedies but by God this one worked wonders. Within minutes I felt fine. Thank you so much


i am in pain now i am putting a crush glove on my tooth it magic thank god but ya gotta try garlic, salt also thank for the help people


This worked absolutely wonderful! Was crying from being in so much pain. Whole side of my face was throbbing, absolute agony. Put water in the microwave for 45 seconds. Used a clove of diced garlic and a Tbl of garlic salt. Had no cotton balls so I used a ball of toilet paper soaked in the fluid. Put pieces of the garlic in the tooth sine the tooth is half rotten. Within 3 Minutes I had more pain. Tooth is real tender though. Did this an hour ago. So far so good. Thank you SO MUCH!


Correction: had NO more pain after just 3 Min

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