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THYME OIL WORKS! I had a wart on my big toe for a year that I tried everything to get rid of...over the year it spread and I ended up with about 6-8 warts between by big toe and the one next to it. Tried freezing at the derm which was too painful due to the location, Compound W and Apple cider vinegar religiously for months and still could never get to the root of the wart and it kept spreading. I read this thread and decided to try Thyme oil and I am not kidding, in 5 days all of the warts are gone. The best part is it is painless. It is like the oil penetrates and kills the virus and your skin heals from the inside out as opposed to other treatments where you have to cut the wart out from the root. I just bought red thyme oil at Whole Foods - it was $9.99 and it even smells nice! I feel like I won the lottery and will now be searching for essential oil remedies for any other health issues I encounter. Absolutely amazing stuff.

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how did you apply the Thyme oil? did you just soak it for a while once a day?


Thanks for the post as I have now been trying it for only 2 days now (2X/day) and the little suckers are almost gone! I had a little cluster of 3 on the side of my big toe. Hate to use drugstore OTC products so I really appreciate people who post their successes! Thanks again


I'm excited to try it!! I have tried everything else!! I will post my results:)


I have only used it for two days and it is working
I am excited that I saved lots of money.
Thank you for sharing.
Why does it work?


how do you apply it? do you just rub it on the affected area before bed and then put a sock over it? that it what i'm considering doing because i'm suspicious several of mine are back and i don't want to have surgery again...

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